Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Week's Update

Lots of activity this week.

Nicole had a big day yesterday.  We got to take her to Kindergarten orientation at Birds Hill School.  She was very shy at first, but she quickly got into the swing of things.  She is pretty excited now.  It was nice for us to see the school and meet a few of the staff.  I think Mommy was very proud of her little girl.  They grow up so quick.

At 11:00 yesterday we got the news that most Winnipeggers have been waiting for about 16 years.  The NHL is back.  We watched the news conference online here in the office.  It was interesting to hear some of the discussion after the news conference.  Of course, there are so many naysayers who say this will never work in Winnipeg; it's just too small.  I think there were some interesting points made about Winnipeg and the positive state of the economy here.  If you just look at the cost of Real Estate you will soon get a good feel for what the market is like.  If you think back 16 years ago and all of the changes that have happened in the province it is very encouraging.  I just wish they could develop the technology to eradicate the elusive "pothole." 

I am very curious to hear what name they will come up with for the team.  I am definitely on the "anti-Jets" band wagon.  Why celebrate mediocrity.  I have heard one suggestion that I really like and that is the "Manitoba Blizzard"  I think it is totally appropriate to have a weather related name; after Hockey what do we all talk  It totally fits.  I think it has a nice ring to it and has and sounds appropriately menacing.  I mean scary is a "Maple Leaf?"

Strike Update:

June 2 at 11:59 PM is when we find out if CUPW is going to walk off the job.  Even though I work for Canada Post...I have absolutely no idea if it will happen or not.  Stay tuned.

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