Thursday, June 16, 2011

Attention Nurses

I am currently listening to a demonstration in support of the CUPW in front of our offices at 266 Graham.  Not really a big deal except I am totally disappointed that the Canadian Federation of Nurses has come out in support of CUPW.  Having seen the first class work that nurses do, it does an extreme disservice to nurses to lump themselves with the ideologues from CUPW.

I would strongly encourage any nurses to contact their local union office to denounce the appearance of Linda Silas from appearing at this demonstration.  My personal opinion is that the nurses union should be careful who they associate with.  CUPW is involved in some dubious activites not only nationally but internationally.  For a little more information on CUPW . 

I would hope that the nurses wouild be a little more progressive than the neo-70's mentality coming from the postal union.

                "That's just my opinion...I could be wrong"   - Dennis Miller

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