Monday, May 30, 2011

Family Night !

At this time of year I suffer from Sports withdrawal.  College Football and Basketball are months away and Stanley Cup playoffs do provide some relief from the boredom but tonite...there is nada.  Not even NBA playoffs.  Baseball doesn't get remotely interesting until what to do????  Even Dancing with the Stars is done for another season.  At least when that show came on I knew that was my cue to head downstairs and hideout until the pain stopped.  All I can say is how glad I am for Texas Hold'em on my Blackberry (Currently up $3.6 million).

I suppose it's nights like this where you should seize the opportunity to do family night.  I guess we best we could on a rainy, miserable evening.  The one highlight was the two deer who wondered into our yard.  They were about 30 feet from our deck.  It isn't unusual to see deer in our yard, but I've never seen them that close to the house.  The kids have been good this evening...only minor bouts of hair pulling, biting, and pinching.  (NO not talking about Susan)  The kids are now off to bed and it's quiet.  The one thing that we are so thankful for is that both of them are good sleepers.  Sometimes they are a challenge to get to bed...but once they are settled we don't hear from them until morning. 

Tomorrow is a big day.  We get to meet Nicole's Kindergarten teacher.  I am confident Nicole will make a good impression.  We'll leave Russell at  day care...we don't want to scare anyone.  On the other hand, it would be good for Russell to meet the Principal...I have no doubt they will become well acquainted in the future.

What else is new???  Winnipeg has a new hockey team?  Not quite.  Canada Post is going on strike?  Not sure.  However...we should know about both issues by the end of the week.  Maybe.  One I hope happens...the other I hope doesn't.  If the postal workers go in strike...that will not be good for anyone at CPC.  Even the threat of a strike is having a negative impact on our business.  There are lots of businesses including government who are already making other arrangements.  Not a good situation.  Thankfully I don't have a lot to worry about crossing picket lines.  It just means a detour through Tim Hortons and then up to the 2nd level skywalk and into the office.  We can avoid the entrance to the building because the buildings are all connected by public access skywalks.  No issues.

I guess we will see how the week will play out

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