Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Day 9 - Home!

We arrive home shortly after 4:00 on Tuesday afternoon.  It is amazing how only a few days away from home feels like an eternity.

We had a noon flight out of Edmonton so we got up and didn't have to rush around.  Everything went very smoothly.  However, every bump in the road or any turbulence in the air pretty much sent Susan through the roof.  She will be very tender and sore for the next few weeks.

Approaching Winnipeg:
The Assiniboine River and Trans Canada Highway
 It was quote humorous on the drive home I received a call from home care.  We had been on the ground in Manitoba an hour and we were already getting follow up.  The rehab process starts up right away.

This closes another chapter, but we know the story is far from over.  The last few months have been very challenging and have been made bearable from many people who have helped us along the way.  A big thanks from all of us.

The Joy of Sleeping in your own bed.
Many have commented on the "Heart" Pillows.Here are Susan's two pillows.
 The on one the left is a little faded and a little beat up after 7 years of use.
The one on the right is the pillow she received this week.
As I have chronicled the events of the last few days I have omitted a lot of details.  The point of this blog was to try to keep friends and family informed about what was happening as we went on this trip.  This has not been a commentary on the state of health care.  Believe me, the amount of things I have witnessed over the past week can provide enough material for a year's worth of blog posts.  The one thing I will comment on is that our experience at the Mazankowski Heart Institute this week has been a very positive one.  I cannot believe how much better our experience was this time around as compared to 7 years ago.  This hospital has made huge changes as they have embraced patient and family centred care.  The new facilities do not hurt either.  It is really encouraging to see a health care organization attempting to get it right.  

A huge thanks to all of the people who supported us through this time...both medically and personally.

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