Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day 4 - Moving Day

We've been in CVICU 24 hrs now.  Looks like they are ready to kick us out of here.  They are making plans to move us up to the ward fairly soon.  That may happen this afternoon.  Just all part of the normal routine.  Thy like to keep things moving along around here.

I assume once we get settled up on the ward and things are a little more stable we may start talking about our timeline for coming home.  For now we are just taking it easy, managing pain, and concentrating on getting up and moving again.  Susan's surgery is not minor and the recovery is no small task.

Now that the spectacular stuff is starting to settle down I can share some of the other things that have been going on around here.

Big kudos to the nursing staff here at the "Maz".  After having done this for 8 years; I tend to hold the bar fairly high.  The folks here have been really good.  I would say a night and day difference between now and our experience here 7 years ago.  We'll see if that continues up on the ward.

It is quite interesting being back here after all these years.  Things that would have completely ticked me off back in the day...i just kind of smile and laugh about now.  Susan has also told me to dial it down a notch...and after all... i'm here for her and not me.  Since being involved with so many aspects of health care, I've been able to peak into the other side of how health care runs and it gives me a much better perspective.  As an example, the procedure for gaining access to the unit is "goofy" to say the least but in the grand scheme of things not a big deal.  Watching the staff try to understand Susan's condition is kind of interesting as well.  Why is it that people who don't have a clue what they are talking about won't ask me anything.  Our bedside nurse yesterday asked me a myriad of questions because as she stated "they don't see a lot of cases" like Susan.  We had a great conversation.  I think we both learned a lot.  That kind of interaction makes me a much better advocate.

I've also had some time to hang out with some of our Stollery folks as well.  While Susan was resting yesterday I went to PICU coffee hour.  Something Susan and I did often when we were here with Russell.  I got to meet some parents of kids who are in NICU and PICU.  I saw that familiar "deer in the headlights...lack of sleep" look that I am sure we had way back when.  What amazed me about these parents was their age.  They seemed so young to me.  I felt a great deal of empathy as many of them are embarking on some very challenging times.  Not sure how these young Moms and Dads will do it...but we did.  I'm sure they will too.  You just have to figure it out.  The one thing i try to make perfectly clear to families when i talk to them is that each one of our journey's is very unique.  You have to forge your own path and be prepared for just about anything.  It's not easy.

Other than the usual hospital things going on...things are going very well.  Lots of time in ICU to do a little reading and some writing.  A nice benefit of the spacious rooms.  Things are gradually getting busier as the nursing support subsides.  This means I will be doing more to support Susan and that the preparation for discharge is well underway.

Susan was supposed to sit up and have some lunch but she's been having some pain issues.  They doped her up again; so she is having a little snooze.  Lunch will wait.


  1. Just read all 4 days - thanx for all the info. I've been waiting to hear how she was doing now that the surgery was over so I was very happy to read the good news. Still praying.

    1. Thanks to you and all of the great Rowandale folks who have been praying for us.

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