Friday, August 5, 2016

Day 5 - Get Up and Get Moving

Normally when we get moved up to the ward, we expect things to slow down a bit as things are not as intense as in ICU.  The nurses are usually covering a lot of patients and they take a while to get to us.  This has certainly not been the case.  Today I could only describe as busy.  The myriad of lines and tubes that Susan had attached to her started coming off fast ans furious this morning.  By lunch time she only had one peripheral IV.  Even that IV is not hooked up to is there only as a precautionary measure.  So Susan has basically gone wireless.

With recovery from surgery you have to slowly startup all of the bodies systems.  It seems like we have been almost constantly on the move.  If we haven't been going for a has been doing breathing exercises or trips to the washroom.  Lots of moving today.

At rounds this morning the surgeons seemed quite pleased with themselves, which I will take as a good sign.  After all a patients job is to make the Docs look good (lol).  The comment we heard today from them is that we are ready to be discharged as soon as Susan is mobile enough to leave the hospital.  As far as they are concerned they are done.

We are starting to talk about discharge now.  It still seems a long way off but everything has been moving at a break neck speed we can certainly see light at the end of the tunnel.

Susan and I had a chance to go for a walk after supper and sit in the Healing Garden for a while.  Susan really appreciated seeing some sunshine.  One of the difficulties of today was that it was Russell's birthday today.  We got lots of pictures from home and his birthday cake etc.  Sounds like Russell had a great day.  Perhaps we'll bring Mom home for a belated birthday present.

The goal for tonite is for Susan to get a good night's rest.  She had quite a challenge last night getting comfortable.  Hopefully, things aren't quite so challenging tonite.

Wonder what new adventures we encounter tomorrow.

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