Thursday, May 26, 2011

Little Steps

Every once in a while you have one of those "a-ha" moments with your kids.  You are with them everyday so you don't notice how they are growing or the changes in their personality.  Then; once in a while you observe them doing something that you think to yourself; "wait a minute...i don't remember seeing them do that before."

Today was one of those days.  We had a follow-up visit with our ophthalmologist regarding Russell's eye surgery.  I remember very distinctly taking him to an appointment in February for the pre-op assessment where he was fussy and irritable.  He didn't want to play in the waiting room but didn't want to sit on my knee either.  Today's trip was totally different.  He was running around and playing with the toys.  He was smiling and happy and OK with the world.  When it came time for his examination he insisted on climbing into the examination chair on his own and he did everything on his own.  Just him and the Doctor while Mom, Dad, and Nicole looked on.  Was he a handful....yes....but he did it all on his own.  Then we went down to the cafeteria to get some Timbits (a time honoured tradition) where he walked the entire way.  This boy does not like being carried.  He just needs to be watched closely and herded a little.  All in all...i was amazed on how much his personality has changed since our last visit.  He has a real little personality.  Then there is Nicole, who takes all things in stride and is as cool as a cucumber...the total opposite of her little brother.  Her only concern is "what are we doing now" and can we get "Fries"???

As far as the result of Russell's appointment...well I am attaching a picture.  You tell me.
The words I heard from the Doctor was..."ideal."  Now Mommy and Daddy have to concentrate on getting the boy to wear his glasses.  The surgery may have straightened his eyes but he still needs the glasses.  Another little challenge that we need to deal with.

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  1. He looks great, Donald! The surgery was a complete success from where I'm standing. I often wonder where he'd be now if he had different parents. Seeing him and hearing about how he's growing is what keeps a lot of going when things aren't going so wonderfully well. He reminds us that we really do make a difference.