Friday, March 4, 2011

Still VERY Busy

Well it's Friday...glad to have the week over.  It has been another busy week.  We are fortunate that we have been maintaining our one trip to the hospital/week average.  Since mid January, we have had two hospital stays and about a dozen more medical appointments.  We are hoping things have settled a bit.  One trip a week is still a bit much, so we are hoping that bloodwork results have stabilized so that we can start stretching it out for a couple of weeks.  Before Christmas, we were going for blood tests approx every two weeks and that is fairly manageable.  Add in all of life's other activities and it doesn't leave a lot of spare time.

In the last couple of weeks, my schedule has also been busy.  I spent a few days in Ottawa, for work, and last Monday I had a meeting with the College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM).  I sit on the Education Committee as a public representative.  It is a fascinating experience, and I am gaining some insight into some of the inner workings of the nursing profession.  It is really enjoyable.  It sounds like my work schedule is going to pick up a bit to as I may be doing a few trips to Edmonton, Calgary, and Ottawa.  Hopefully I can keep them to short overnight stays.

March 15 is our date for Russell's eye surgery.  For those who don't know, Russell has Strabismus, which is simply crossing or turning of the eye.  Russell is far sighted and about a year ago we noticed his eyes starting to cross.  We are told this has nothing to do with any of his "heart" issues and is quite common.  The surgery he will get to correct this is a day procedure.  Not looking forward to this...and it makes you wonder "what next" ????  However, we are looking forward to the results.  I remember what he looked like before he encountered this issue.  He had his Mom's dark dark eyes and they stared at you like little laser beams.  Looking forward to that again.  Hope all goes well and that it is successful.

Another big event coming up for our family is registration for school for Nicole.  It is so unreal that this has come up so fast.  Our little girl is getting big, and its happenning way too fast.

The one nice thing about having such a busy schedule is that the winter has flown by fairly quickly.  In a few weeks we'll start seeing some warmer weather, which will be a welcome change.  Yes...then all the spring clean-up and lawn mowing season begins.  Yes...always something that needs to be taken care of.

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