Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Just a few quick notes:

We got Russell's weekly bloodwork results...his results are borderline awesome.  It looks like this week is going to be "hospital free" for the little boy!!!!   YAY!  Don't have to repeat bloodwork for two weeks!!!
Unfortunately the boy has his eye surgery on Tuesday, so we will be back at Children's next week.  On the bright side...the surgery has gotten me out of a trip to Edmonton for meetings.  Thank You Russell!

A question:  Is it self-serving to teach your kids to memorize Exodus 20:12 ??  We have been having a bit of a power struggle with Nicole, as she feels being a big sister graduates her to parent status where she thinks she can make her own rules.  Anyway...we'll see how that goes.  How can you go wrong with good material.

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