Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Good Cause

I got a call from the Lung Association the other night.  Nothing big, just a typical call from a vollunteer looking for other vollunteers to help canvas in the neighbourhood.  It wasn't a professional telemarketer, so I was a little more recepetive.  Unfortunately, I had to decline and I joked that lungs weren't our organ of choice...after all we are "heart people."  I'm sure the person on the phone thought I was a little "off" but it was the truth.

It's an interesting place that we are in.  There are so many good do you chose to support one over the other.  I think its really important for people to get involved and vollunteer, give financially, and support in any way that they can.  Unfortunately there are huge needs out there and it can make deciding how to give support a complex proposal.

I think that is one way in which our life has actually become simpler.  It is really clear to me what I need to do and what causes I should be supporting.  There are some very distinct opportunities I have been presented to me; an opportunity to get involved in a way that is a unique fit for us.  The interesting twist for me is that I have been able to combine some of my professional skills into some of the causes that I feel passionate about.  It is a real win-win. 

Today was a day in which I started on a new project.  I have become a mentor to an up and coming HR professional.  This is a formal relatonship setup by our professional association.  This should be a fantastic learning experience for me and I hope that I can provide some guidance to someone who is beginning their career.  This is not a charitable cause but it is something I feel is important and which I have a passion for.  The HR profession has been very good to me and I think it is right to give back.  The same way that I am working with the College of Registered Nurses or the Stollery Children's Hospital.  These are all organizations that I have a unique insight into and have unique experiences to share.  It makes such a big difference when you really believe in what you are doing.

Now that I have done a promo for vollunteerism; it's time to get back to watching basketball.  By the way...I picked Richmond to beat Vanderbilt...of 12 games so far...I have 11 correct picks....take that!!!

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