Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Eye Surgery

Well...the one thing I have to say is that every procedure that Russell has is always a unique and different experience.  This whole process with the eye surgery was quite different than what we are used to.

Whenever we have anything done it is some how related to his heart transplant.  This was not the case with the issue with his eyes.  Not related to his transplant or any of his past cardiac issues.  So as a result, we weren't treated special...we were just another routine patient getting a day surgery.  After you get the "special" treatment for so long...being ordinary really sucks.

Our day started early...around 5:00 in the morning as we had to be at Winnipeg Children's Hospital for 6:00.  This gives the day ward a chance to do all of the prep-work that needs to be done.  We headed down to the operating room waiting area around 7:30 and after a few discussions with the Docs Russell was off to the OR around 8:00.  We weren't allowed into the operating room, which was totally new to us.  Even when Russell had his transplant we gowned up and took Russell right into the operating room and placed him on the operating table ourselves.  The last thing Russell would see  was us before the aenesthetic took over.  This was not our experience yesterday.  This was a little upsetting as Russell is very aware of what happens in hospitals and it would be nice to be able to comfort him before he went "out." 

The procedure was quick as we were talking to our Doctor around 10:30 or so and went to see Russell in recovery around 11:00.  We were told that this whole process would be quick.  We are so used to the Heart Caths that are an all-day adventure, we just assume we are going to be at the hospital all day.  Russell woke up fairly grouchy and stayed that way.  His eyes were shut and quite puffy...all normal part of the procedure.  We were told that he may not want to open his eyes for some they would be quite irritated and scratchy.  Being blind did not really go over too well with Russell, or us for that matter.

After we got Russell settled, with some help of a narcotic, we were discharged and were on our way home.  We got home around 2:00 PM and spent the rest of the afternoon trying to keep Russell settled.  He was really irritable and there was no indication that he was at all interested in opening his eyes.  With a little help from Tylenol with codeine we got Russell to bed for the night.  Fortunately, he slept well all night.  In the morning, he was still not opening his eyes.  Through the morning he wanted to do more things and was much less irritable.  Finally, around lunch time he began opening his eyes and within a couple of hours he was running around like normal.  When I got home from work, other than his very red eyes, you would never have known anything had happenned.

Our first look at his eyes have given us some positive indications that his eyes are much straighter and he seems to be interested in stopping and looking at things...all very encouraging.  We have a follow-up appointment next week so we'll see what the Dr has to say about the results.  From our good.

This is hopefully the last procedure Russell has to endure for sometime.  There are a few appointments already set for April and May but we are feeling good that the nasty stuff is behind us.  Hopefully, we will have a nice quiet summer with an occasional visit for blood work and not too much else.

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