Sunday, August 7, 2011

Holidays & Birthdays

I haven't been posting much on here lately.  For those who know us; that is probably a good thing.

We have had one of the quieter summers in recent years.  This has been a welcome change.  After working for 20 years in jobs where summer is the busy season; it has been a welcome change to be able to take holidays in the summer.  I've taken a week off in July and taking another in August.  A much needed break.

Russell's broken arm is mending nicely.  He is out of his cast and up to full speed.  His arm still has a "bend" in it but because he is so young the Doctors anticipate it will straighten out on its own through growth. 

We celebrated Russell's 3rd Birthday on Friday (Aug 5).  Although Russell was born with a heart defect and their could have been a lot of issues when he was born, for both Susan and him.  Fortunately,  his birthday brings back very pleasant memories of a very perfect day.  Everything went so well the day he was born.  The days following...not so much.

Kids have an innate ability to "keep things real."  Russell (and most kids) get spoiled rotten on their birthdays.  They get inundated with toys and presents.  I really had to laugh yesterday that in the midst of an avalanche of toys; what were our kids doing for hours yesterday?  They played in our car in the drive way.  Apparently there are lots of switches, levers, and lights that can keep kids entertained for hours.  I put the car back in the garage at night; where i turned off all of the interior lights (every one) adjusted the mirrors and cleaned up all of the CDs that were strewn about the front seat.  Not a big deal considering we got a couple of hours of peace and quiet.

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