Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Yesterday (October 3rd) was Susan and mine 25th Wedding Anniversary.  We had a nice celebration on Saturday and we were overwhelmed by all of the well wishes.  It was particularly gratifying that we had some friends honour us by registering to donate organs and by donating blood.  That was quite amazing.

Who are these kids???

Yesterday, we celebrated quietly and in our own unique way.  I booked the day off and after sending our kids off to school, Susan and I made our way to Red River College.  We were scheduled to speak to 2nd year family nursing students.  A group I have spoken to several times in the past.  I was happy Susan was able to join me as this is not usually her thing.  It was a nice thing to do together on our anniversary because October 3rd is more than our wedding anniversary.  It is the anniversary of Russell's crash in the ER and his emergency flight from Winnipeg to Edmonton where we spent the next 6 months.

It was an emotional morning as we relived the 40 hours that changed the course of our lives and of course our marriage.  The setting in which we presented was quite informal and I appreciate the thoughtful questions that we were presented.  I am hoping that these aspiring nurses were able to see the human side of health care.  There were plenty of laughs and we managed to minimize the tears.  It is what it is.  It's real life.

After nearly 3 hours and some great discussion we left our nursing friends and we headed out for a very relaxing and well deserved lunch.  The rest of  the day was quiet...just as we had planned.  It was a good day.

Today is the the first day of our next 25.  The first 25 were certainly action packed and I'm a little afraid of what new adventures lie ahead of us.

As we left the nurses and finished off telling our story; we described our situation today.  We conveyed that we have many unanswered questions and that our story is still unfolding.  So when I closed off our discussion yesterday...I left with the be continued.

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