Thursday, February 18, 2016

#RussellsWish - Children's Wish

2 more sleeps until we are off on Russell's Wish Trip!

This was the subject first thing this morning when Russell got up.  In fact for the past week...sleep has not been one of his highest priorities.  Wednesday morning he got us up at 5:00AM because "he couldn't sleep."  If you think Russell is excited; Nicole is just as excited times 10.

This is a very small price to pay to see the excitement on our little guy's face.

When we were first introduced to the idea that Russell could be granted a wish by Children's Wish, Russell was still very little.  Too little to really understand what was going on.  Our other complication was Susan's health.  We've had setback after setback that put Russell's "wish" on the back burner.  Partly out of necessity and partly out of design.  Because Russell was so little, at the time, we wanted to delay as long as we could because we wanted him to be able to remember his wish and to fully participate and understand what was going on.  Very tough for an infant/toddler to do.  So we dragged our feet filling out the paperwork and getting all our documentation in order.  We really only got serious about this a year ago.  I hope the folks at Children's Wish weren't getting impatient with us as we weren't exactly springing into action.  Sorry about that.

It's been an emotional journey getting to this place.  We've had a lot to overcome physically and mentally.  Getting ready for this trip was something that we had to make a priority.  We had to put aside all of our excuses and just make this happen.  In other words it's time to "get a life."

Honestly, we could make a very good argument for not going.  Susan's health at this point is precarious, and in many ways she probably has no business going...BUT WE"RE GOING!  There have been some very strange phone calls to Susan's Cardiac clinic verifying that Susan is OK to fly and that they are OK with us doing this trip.  So we are taking reasonable precautions and will have to be careful.

We're going to relax and have fun!  This is about our kids having a once in a lifetime experience.  For many years they have been short changed because of our circumstances and that is not happening next week.

For the better part of 8 years we have tried to get to some semblance of "normal."  In some instances with disastrous results.  Does that make me bet.  Is that going to stop us ... No Way.

Stay tuned for many fun Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts from Florida.  Hope to have time for a blog post...but not making any promises.

For any one interested in where we are staying. Here is a link to Give Kids the World.

This should be fun!

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