Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's the Little Things that Matter

Another crazy week in the Lepp household. Like many busy families, we have a whole ton of things going on. Add in a medically complicated boy and a father who likes to get himself involved in health care, it makes for a very busy life. Yesterday was no different. Both Susan and I had busy days at work, then Russell's soccer game, and then I had a conference call with the Stollery Family Centred Care Council. With all of the running around, picking up the kids at school, and trying to get them supper. Do you think I had time to eat? Not a chance. When I scurried home after Russell's soccer game...I grabbed a banana and headed downstairs for my conference call. I logged in and began getting my self organized. I think I had left myself a whole 5 mins to spare. Just as our meeting was about to start I heard the doorbell. To my surprise there was a person at my door bearing a gift. A pizza! As soon as I opened the door I knew what was up. My friends from the Stollery had ordered me a pizza. During our meeting the group in Edmonton always has supper. For those of us who dial in...we have to watch them eat. For a treat they decided to let me and another Mom from Grande Prairie join in on the eats. The timing couldn't have been better. I was starved. Now that doesn't sound like a big deal. A very nice gesture. However, I began thinking to myself. How on earth did they manage to arrange this. We don't live near any place that delivers. How did they pull this off? When I got on my call and thanked everyone for their very timely delivery. I asked how they managed to arrange this. Apparently, one of the family room staff is pretty good at flirting on the phone. I won't go any further than that. So...a big thanks to our FCC council and specifically Heather, Kaitlin, and Marni for arranging for my supper. A big thanks. Also, a big thanks to Boston Pizza for being "good sports" and going a little out of there way to do a good deed. Thanks, Donald Lepp

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