Tuesday, March 13, 2012

One small step for a little boy!

With the weather getting nicer...we tend to start thinking about spring-like activities.  The last couple of years we have been looking forward to Nicole's Soccer season.  This year we have a bit of a wrinkle.  As hard is it is to believe...Russell is old enough to play soccer this spring.  It seems just a little unreal that he is old enough; as he is still just a little guy.

We did it...we took the plunge and signed him up for soccer.  I suppose it isn't a big deal...3 year olds everywhere are signing up for soccer, it should be no different for him.  Then we think about where he was 3 years ago and it then becomes a big deal.  What a three years it has been.  It seems so surreal to be thinking about him playing soccer given everything he has been through.

I have no idea if Russell will enjoy soccer or what he will do.  I guarantee it will be entertaining.  I think the big question is how Mom and Dad will handle this.  Get out your Kleenex.  I am sure we'll get lots of funny looks and people will be wondering what is wrong with us.  I guess it won't be what is wrong but what is right!  These moments make everything worth while.  Stay tuned for the date of the first game and pictures to follow!

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