Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sniffles, Coughs, Fevers, and an Election

It's been a fairly quiet week.  Yesterday was a nice sunny day, and I was able to take the kids out in the yard for a bit.  Spring seems to be taking it's sweet time in getting here.

About the only excitement this week was a visit from the sneezes and sniffles.  Susan, Russell, and Nicole have all been battling some form of a cold this week.  Fortunately, I have been spared to this point.  Our weekend, has been fairly quiet as no one is really up for anything, except Russell.  He is the most active, short-tempered, beligerant little sick kid I have ever seen.  A cold does not slow this kid down. 

Speaking of "ill tempered" seems we are in the midst of a federal election.  A very brief period of time where the citizens of this country are actually asked their opinion.  A unique opportunity that we should all be thankful for and give careful consideration in choosing leaders to guide our nation.  Unfortunately, this is an election that no one really wants and most people don't really care about. If opinion polls hold, we will likely be right where we started at the end of this election, with another Conservative minority. 

Just so you know my personal opinion...I'll be voting Conservative. I just didn't want that to be too mysterious.  I respect other people's opinions and I am OK with folks who are a little more left-leaning.  No one is perfect and I believe in forgiveness.  I just thought it would be fun to spice this blog up a little and talk politics.

My concern is "who" will be voting and "why" do they vote.  Voter turnout is actually quite pathetic.  People should take this much more seriously, and I wish they would.  However, if people don't care and don't educate themselves I am very happy that they don't vote.  I think it is interesting that many new Canadians, those who have immigrated here only recently have a better handle on our political system than many Canadians who were born here.  When you go to the polling station I think you should have to fill out a short questionnaire before you get your ballot.  This shouldn't be complicated.  I think when you go to the polling both you should know who the candidates are and the parties they represent.  I am wondering how many people would actually get that wrong.  It's kind of scary when you think about it.  I think we should have an "open-mind" and consider the options when we vote, but do the rest of the country a favour and educate yourself before you vote.

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